Why do dreams matter?

Why do dreams matter?

Q: Why do dreams matter?

A: Dreams are a gateway to our deep inner knowing. While we may encounter a problem in our dream – a problem we perhaps do not want to confront in our daily life, remember – within that problem, there is also the key to the solution.


Full Transcription:

Dreams are possibly your most honest window into your psyche. It’s where you have the least filtering, the least resistance to what is in yourself. If we can develop, first of all, the the willingness, the curiosity, the willingness to see what is there, and then start working with that material more consciously, then it’s a fantastic opportunity for growth. [It is] where we can really find our authenticity – as you’re saying – and not fulfil somebody else’s idea of who we are, and live out of some other person’s dream; but really see what is there to be seen. It can help avoid so much stress as well because you know sometimes, just like with illness, we often become ill because we are stressed out, or we’re doing something that’s not right for us, and we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. And dreams will show us as well – they will show us what was not working in our relationships; what was not working with our vocation; was not working with our health. They will also show us what is working and also what we need to look out for the next step where the growth is. Because when we have a problem shown up in the dream, within that problem is also the key to the solution. And remembering that it’s always an inner work first, and just grabbing that key and using it. Then it unlocks this power within us to actually then take the physical action in the outer reality, and see a change happen. It can give us a lot of confidence and trust when we see how our dreams evolved in our inner landscape, and it does reflect in the outer world as well.

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