What is it like to be enlightened?

What is it like to be enlightened?

“What is it like to be enlightened?”

“What is it like to be enlightened?”
The aspiring disciple wants to know.
The great master answers:
“I am just as miserable as you are.”

The words, attributed to the 11th century Tantric master, Marpa, are a reminder that we don’t have to identify with our pain — or anything that’s going on, for that matter.

I’m reminded of the Zen saying:
“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

So, as one year ends and another begins, don’t worry too much.

However 2018 went for you, whatever 2019 brings, remember that you can always find freedom and peace within.

Happiness, like enlightenment, is an inside job.

May you be filled with grace, wisdom and joy in your heart.

Happy New Year!

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Elena Angel

Elena is a gifted intuitive, teacher, speaker and mentor.

She is the founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching®, a signature approach to self-discovery and transformation that focusses on relationships, sexuality, spirituality and expanding human potential.

Elena’s experience and training encompass Shamanic, Taoist, Tantric, Kabbalist and Toltec teachings; modern methods, such as NLP, Time Line Therapy™, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy; modalities inspired by quantum physics, such as the Millennium Method and Matrix Energetics; sound and brainwave technologies, such as Hemi-Sync®; and various other forms of energy work and meditation, including mindfulness and body-based techniques.

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