About Us


Behind each handmade product, each customised experience, there is a hardworking person who shares her passion with love and soul. At WeClustr, we honour real human labor, and we celebrate individuality and personality. Because we believe that people are not interchangeable commodities; because each one of us is unique and shines differently.


WeClustr is an online-to-offline community of people who follow their heart, do what they love, and create value by sharing their passions loud in workshops.

Our vision is to enable every individual to find their true calling, and to live a freer, happier and more fulfilling life.

We dream of “a new world” where kids do not have to give up their dreams simply because the parents are worried that what they do may not get them a job; a world where people create economic value not by producing and consuming material goods relentlessly, but by sharing and exchanging their passions with one another genuinely; where people can freely pursue what they truly love doing without struggling financially. We believe that with collective efforts, we can transit to a world where each one of us can be freed from the mundane jobs; instead, make a decent living by dedicating our time and energy to what we truly love doing, and through which, reach a new level of individual flourishing while contributing positively to the world.

Be Who You Are. Do What You Love. 

Together, We Make Differences.