The Evolving Self


The Evolving Self

Individuals who develop to the fullest their uniqueness, yet at the same time identify with the larger processes at work in the cosmos, escape the loneliness of their individual destinies.

The type of ego that might pull us through is one secure enough to forgo desires beyond what are necessary. It will be one that relies on possessions that are not scarce. Instead of competing for the same symbolic resources, as Achilles and Agamemnon did, it will be satisfied with what is unique about itself and its experiences. And despite greater individuality, it will be a self identified with the greatest common good – not only with kin and country, but with humanity as a whole, and beyond humanity, with the principle of life itself, with the process of evolution. It is difficult to see at this point how humanity can survive otherwise.


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


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    Doesn’t this in itself then lead you to think that a lack of ego and a feeling of unity is more appropriate rather than a stabilised ego? In which case if it is stabilised it must still have desires, otherwise it would not be an ego directing the self, the me, since that is it’s definition: ego, the self, the me, εγώ!

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    Desire is the essence of our being. It is the driving force of our actions. The question is what kind of desire? Is it the desire to receive for the “me” alone, or is it for something that goes beyond?

    The goal is never to remove the Ego (nor can it be done), but to reveal more light. The darkness itself is an illusion, the same goes for the (negative) Ego. The paradox is that we cannot and shall not live without it – or otherwise, where comes the challenge?

    And the challenge to overcome our reactive system propelled by the (negative) Ego, the false Self, the one that desires to receive only for the self-alone, is what eventually makes us grow, and evolve, both individually and collectively.

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