The Battle Worth Fighting For

The Battle Worth Fighting For

What is it like to take the red pill? You ask.

It is –

Finding peace in chaos;
Finding stillness in movements;
Finding hope in despair;
Finding light in darkness;
Finding certainty in the uncertain;
Finding forgiveness in the unforgivable;
Finding virtue in wickedness;
Finding unity in differences;
Finding strength in pessimism;
Finding comfort outside of the comfort zone;
Finding beauty in everyday ordinary;
Finding joy in the unbearable lightness of being.

Why should I even take it then? Asked the clever.

Because it is the only battle that is worth fighting for.

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Huiwen Sarah Wu

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Huiwen embarked on a spiritual journey following her personal struggles, a period of bewilderment with fruitless quests, and her epiphany that the only way to change is by starting changing oneself. A dedicated student at the Kabbalah Centre and of other mystical teachings, Huiwen is committed to her own spiritual growth through metaphysical studies and spiritual practices, as well as by living the mundane. It is her belief that true spirit (or wisdom) cannot be bought or taught, but lived.

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