Tanmaya George

I always had a desire to bring something positive to the world, to contribute beyond myself. I had it from very early on. I was always looking for how to do it. I think it was a bit buried when I was a teenager. Then I studied engineering out of practicality. After finishing that, I started working in that industry, but it just felt like something was missing. So I changed jobs. Eventually, I realised that I had to do something completely different because I felt so empty. So I left my job.

I decided to go to rural India to work for a fair trade company. It was very basic living condition. But the time there made me realise that this was not the way that I was going to help. I realised that people there didn’t need help. Of course they had their own challenges, difficulties, problems, but my help was not what they needed. They needed something else. But at the time, I was not sure what it was.

Meanwhile, I also started to experience something different. Before I went to India, my day was always packed and at the end of the day, I would feel that I’ve achieved a lot. But in India, it was not possible. People didn’t work as much as I did. They were not interested in achieving so much; they were very easy going about their life. That made me really impatient. It was sunny. There was not much to do. There was no TV. As a woman alone, you can’t really go out much in the evenings. So I was just sitting around. But then, a thought process started. I realised how uncomfortable I was with myself. That started something. I started to search.

I struggled a lot with things like anxiety, self-criticism, fear of judgment, and also the feeling that I was not strong enough to follow my vision. I started to look into different methods to work with these issues, how to overcome them. I started doing some yoga, meditation. When I came back to Switzerland, I continued these practices, while exploring many more different types of healing meditations. I wanted to know myself better, to get more comfortable with myself. As such, one journey led to another. Not everything I tried was the right thing, but at the time, I felt comfortable with it or felt that it added something to my experience.

Since I also received an admission letter from INSEAD on the day I quit my corporate job, after my trip to India, I went to the business school. Later, I joined McKinsey. I continued doing meditation. However, it just didn’t feel right. At that point, I realised that I could not play the game anymore.

I then joined a program that allowed me to work very intensely during the nine months of the year; and during the rest three months, I would just go and train myself at different courses of therapy.  

Initially I was trained as an inner child councilor, which is like a form of therapy. Then I went on getting training in somatic experience, which is a neuroscience-based methodology of dealing with trauma and PTSD. After training, I practiced with clients and I found both methods worked well. It was like a matrix within a matrix. A lot of energy would go into those processes and emotions would come out. It takes a lot of space and energy to manage it. So I was still looking, hoping to find something better.

I stumbled into the mystery school traditions. It turns out that there are seven main mystery schools on this planet. What these mystery schools taught is the ancient wisdom that is similar to Kabbalah, but it goes beyond. They have held the secret key – I call it “the key to success” – because it’s about success in all areas of our lives, and the success of our humanity.  They’ve held the keys for humanity for thousands and thousands of years. All different major civilizations have had some form of mysticism that was part of them, not all of them are still alive, though. Those teachings, healing sessions and classes are able to change your consciousness completely, in a very effective way that is not draining of energy. It allows people to be really productive in their lives. I felt I was getting myself back because at one point, it was like it would take so much time and energy that there is nothing left for anything else.  But here, I was a lot more focused, and I would see results much faster with my clients.

From a quantum physics perspective, we know that we are all connected. If one person is happy, then everyone else will be happy. For us as a human race to function, we need to evolve collectively. That’s what I feel like to support, to support those who are looking for that change. These tools are really for the leaders, the leaders who need that push to move on, because they all face a lot of resistance, especially people who are doing good work. This system allows us to push beyond the limitations, beyond what we thought was impossible, and to create a new reality.

We have to remember we all have free will. We might not be able to control everything but we have free will. That is part of the empowerment process, which is to remember that we have free will and let go those influences that stop us.

Eventually, I re-directed my work towards energy healing. I realised that in order to help people, all what we need to do is to activate their inner power. But I had to understand that myself before I was able to offer it to others. 

For me, the meaning of life is to evolve spiritually, to progress as a being, to learn, to grow into something that is more complete, to remember who I really am. My purpose along the way is to serve others on their progression, to empower others. I found my answers to that in refining my senses, and tuning my senses to metaphysics. Now that I found this, it is just a lot of joy, to bring it out, to share. I have no doubt that this is the best way to contribute myself to the world. I have the sense inside, like part of me, my spirit or my soul, was pushing me to find it. Now I know for sure that I’ve found it, and that becomes my mission, which is to share it with whoever are ready to receive these tools.

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