Sisters of the Wild Gathering

Sisters of the Wild Gathering

Last weekend I went again to the Sisters of the Wild Gathering @sistersofthewild in Wales. It was my fourth time and it was powerful – like it usually is. Each time is SO unique. Like a Tea Ceremony it works on so many layers, many of which are ineffable yet can be felt strongly.

This time I came with emotional turbulence due to a certain situation in my life, and wanted to turn back to London many times on my way. I am so glad I didn’t. The land, nature, all women that were there – healed me. But what I found profoundly healing is total love and acceptance from Jayne, who organises these gatherings.

It so happens that while at other gatherings I just drank tea and was meditative all the time, at this gathering I wanted to drink red wine – every day. And so I did. I drank red wine, smoked tobacco, listened to my music and danced while looking into the vast and open sky, moon and trees.

Not for a single moment I felt judged or not accepted. The opposite. I felt that it’s ok to be messy me, as I am, doing whatever I want to do (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the energy of the gathering). Just be me in each moment. Even if this moment means drinking red wine. This total acceptance and love from Jayne to allow me to be me was profoundly healing.

I also saw (quite painfully) that I myself do not accept others as I would like to think I do. In personal relationships especially. I expect, demand them to be the way I want them to be, which usually means I want them to be like me. Direct, honest, truthful, non avoiding, brave. But what I failed to see is that everyone is so different. Not everyone is like me, and there is beauty in that. Through my own pain and total acceptance from sisters I felt appreciation of others. In how they are. This is really deep.

My emotional situation shifted. I was able to let go, release, and move on. I learned my lesson.

These gatherings are pure magic.

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