Rise Up High

Rise Up High

Waking with a storm inside
Wanna scream out loud
Do you know the pain I cry
In my prison mind

Must remove the dirt inside
That holds me down
Won’t give up without a fight
To make it right
(Somehow I know, you’ll make it right)

Rise up high
From the ground to open sky
Suddenly my heart can see
Found my way now, I am free

Looking for a way to fly
I know it’s time
Take the road less traveled by
And make it mine



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Ari Politi

Having encountered Kabbalah in 2001, Ari has witnessed countless improvements and fundamental transformations both in other people’s lives and in his own. Having dedicated decades to the studies of the wisdom of Kabbalah, including six years as a full-time teacher at the Kabbalah Centre London and Europe, Ari believes that all problems and crisis around the globe are rooted in our consciousness. An equally talented musician, Ari is aspired to accelerate the consciousness evolution through teaching and arts.

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Ari Politi
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