Priceless Stones

Priceless Stones

One day a young boy asked his father…

what is the value of his life?


Instead of answering…

the father told his son to take this rock

and go sell it to the market.

If anybody ask the price

raise two fingers and don’t say anything.


The boy then went to the market…

and a woman asked…

“How much is this rock?

I want to put it in my garden.”

The boy didn’t say anything

and raised up two fingers

and the woman said…

“2 dollars? I’ll take it”


And the boy went home and told his father…

A woman wants to buy this rock for 2 dollars.

The father then said…

“Son I want you to take this rock to a museum.

If anybody wants to buy it doesn’t say a word

and just put up two fingers.”


The boy then went to the museum

and a man wanted to buy the rock.

The boy didn’t say a word & put up 2 fingers.

And the man said “$200? I’ll take it.”


The boy was shocked and went running home.

“Father, a man wants to buy this rock for $200”

His father then said..

“The last place I want you to take this rock…

is to a precious stone store,

show it to the owner and don’t say a word,

and if he asks the price just put up two fingers”.


The son then went to a precious stone store,

he showed the rock to the owner.

“Where did you find this stone?

It is one of the most rarest stones in the world.

I must have it! How much would you sell it for?”

The boy put up two fingers…

and the man said I’ll take it for… $200,000.


The boy not knowing what to say..

ran home to his father.

“Father, there’s a man that wants to buy the stone,

for two hundred thousand dollars!”

His father then said…

“Son, do you know the value of your life now?


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