The Journey of Self-Discovery

The Journey of Self-Discovery


Elena Angel shares her story and Tantric take on what it means to know your Self and live your purpose. Instead of giving you ready-made answers, Elena calls on your inner knowing. She fans the flames of your deepest yearning, helping you to connect with what is most authentic in you, what will give you the most satisfaction and joy in your life.

Watch the video first, then go on to the accompanying PDF (downloadable after purchase) to complete the course.

Elena is a gifted intuitive, teacher, speaker and mentor, founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching® — a signature approach to self-discovery and transformation with a focus on relationships, sexuality, spirituality and applying spiritual principles for success.

Elena’s work is popular with festivals and publications, including the Sunday Times, Metro, Psychologies Magazine, Yoga Magazine, Natural Health, Soul & Spirit, Spirit & Destiny.

Her workshops feature eclectic playlists, guided meditations and energy practices that expand the mind and open the heart. You will likely step away feeling enlightened and inspired, more self-aware and better able to manifest desired outcomes in your life.

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Module 1 The Journey of Self-Discovery
Unit 1 I. Introduction
Unit 2 II. Ego vs. Soul
Unit 3 III. Soul Purpose
Unit 4 IV. Soul Mates
Unit 5 V. The Voice
Unit 6 VI. Healing Journey
Unit 7 VII. Update your Ego, Unfold your Soul
Unit 8 VIII. Sacred Sexuality
Unit 9 IX. Summary