Intimacy, Breath and Connection with The Self

Intimacy, Breath and Connection with The Self


During this class we will explore a Mind/Body approach to cultivate thriving connections and everyday intimacy.

Due to a lifetime of conditioning we are struggling for survival, fighting for what we want, arguing to be heard or to prove a point, communicating in ways that only creates more disconnection and misunderstanding.

When all what we want is to feel love and connection.

You may see this class as a blueprint for knowing yourself and the ones you love more deeply. Experience real tangible ways to awaken the body, while learning new EQ ( Emotional Intelligence ) skills to enhance your life and relationships.

Together we will unpack and dive deep into how intimacy is actually a quality that will turn life from black and white to high definition colour. Just like an aikido master, we will go into the more intricate parts of discovering yourself in developing radical states of awareness so that intimacy becomes a quality that you are able to apply to all of your experiences in everyday life.

This is where everything becomes an act of connection, an intimate act. From the way you communicate, to the way you feel your breath, to the way you walk through a park or down a busy sidewalk, the way you interact with colleagues or loved ones, all the way to the way our sexual encounters - turning them into experiences that nourish the soul.

Tziporah is the founder of The Soulful Relating Institute, and a world-renowned transformational leader and innovator in the realms of intimacy and conscious relating. She is also the author of the newly released book, Revolutionizing Intimacy: Navigating Connection In a Disconnected World.

She has been called the “Empress of Intimacy” and a true alchemist. Tziporah leads with compassion and depth as she merges her two decades of experience and education.

Learn more at The Soulful Relating Institute

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Module 1 Intimacy, Breath and Connection with The Self
Unit 1 I. Introduction
Unit 2 II. Your relationship to your inner and outer environment
Unit 3 III. Setting intention
Unit 4 IV. Breath and the Self
Unit 5 V. Breath journey
Unit 6 VI. Opening up your emotional body
Unit 7 VII. Boundaries versus Borders
Unit 8 VIII. Summary
Module 2 Appendix
Unit 1 Recommended Reading