Mr. Pilot

Mr. Pilot

A businessman is taking a flight from London to New York. After the plane has taken off, he notices that sitting next to him, there is a little girl. The girl takes out a book and begins to draw. Suddenly, the plane starts to shake, as it goes through some turbulence. The man gets a bit scared. Trying to calm himself down, he glimpses the girl, who just takes out another book and keeps drawing. A few minutes later, the plane shakes even more violently. People begin to scream, some start to cry. Yet, the girl remains unperturbed and calm as if nothing has happened.

Finally, the turbulence has passed. Amazed, the man turns to the girl. He can’t help but ask, “You are very brave my little girl! How come you stay so calm? Aren’t you afraid?”

“Because I know the pilot.” Smiles back the girl. “He is my dad. He is the best pilot in the world, and he is taking me home.”

Do you know, we also have a very good pilot flying our plane in our life? We might have acknowledged him, thanked him, when things are going well; but when turbulence comes, we become worried, scared, and we tend to forget that he is still there. He is still flying our plane! And all we have to do is just to hang on.

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