Isabella Strambio

Isabella Strambio

Isabella Strambio

My husband and I traveled around the world, for work, for 10 years – until we had kids. Suddenly, our lifestyle changed and we were not able to jump on plane so easily. My career progression was on a stand still. I was no longer committed to long working hours. I found myself doing a lot for the family, but hardly anything for myself. I realized that I had to change something. I needed to have an outlet so I could totally express myself.

That’s how the idea of “12 crafts in 12 months” started. I’ve learnt macramé, weaving, natural dye, polymer clay, stamp carving, baskets making, crocheting, soy candles making, paper cutting, slow stitching. I wanted to explore new crafts and enjoy the journey, while also documenting it on my blog. When people started asking me if I could teach them some of the skills, I realized that this could become a side business.

It’s not always easy to juggle a the family, a full time job and my passion. For instance, I had to say, “no” to some business opportunities. Most of the time, I manage to find a balance. I try to involve the kids in the creative processes as well. When my daughter picked up the “perfect” wooden stick in the park for my macramé project, it was just wonderful!

I love the idea of running workshops because it allows me to give back by passing on what I’ve learned to someone else. I cannot imagine myself doing only one craft for the rest of my life. I am just too curious and I realised quite early on in my life, that it was never my dream to be the top of the top in one single arena.

I admire those who can remain focused on just one thing, practicing over and over again, and still be excited about it. It’s just not me. I love to explore different mediums, and I will continue learning and trying new things.



Isabella Strambio, founder of Twome.

Instagram: @_twome


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    Well done Isa and all the best for your future projects x

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