How to get “unstuck” in life?

How to get “unstuck” in life?

Q: How to get “unstuck” in life?

A: In order to be free from our current life situation, to be “unstuck”, we need to make a fundamental shift inside rather than relying on changes from outside.


Full Transcription:

There are times where you can feel stuck in life. Often that manifests at work, where we can feel like we’re not really living our purpose, or living our flow, or that there’s not enough meaning in what we’re doing, or that we’re not really doing a job we’re good at. When we feel stuck in that way, there’s often a feeling or an emotion or fear that we’re not willing to experience, and that we unconsciously avoiding.

It’s similar to when we’re stressed. Really we’re not being stressed, we are unwilling to make a change. And the same is true for feeling stuck. We’re not stuck, we’re just not willing to change what it takes to change within us to start feeling that sense of flow. Oftentimes it’s a fear of really reconnecting to the flow within us, and to who we really are, rather than doing the conditioned response, which is to respond to the expectations of our environment. So there were expectations from teachers, the expectations from parents…. We’ve been trained to respond to those expectations, but we’ve forgotten to learn about who we truly are and what it is that we are here to express.

And then, there’s a sense of fear that if I really wanted to go for what I’m here to express, people often feel like they wouldn’t make it. That is a very deep fear that’s very collective. But most people who have managed to get through that, they realize actually it was just an illusion. It was a fear that was preventing them from moving forward but it wasn’t actually a reality. So the way we can actually shift that stuckness is really by shifting inside rather than shifting on the outside.



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