How can I change my life?

How can I change my life?

Q: How can I change my life?

A: Rather than thinking, we must FEEL, while visualising – the ideal scenario, persona, or a brand new reality that our hearts truly desire – in order to make effective and sustainable changes in our lives.


Full transcription:

“All right so I’m gonna start by saying – we have to feel in order to create change, I usually say sustainable change. But in order to create change, often the way that we’re taught is we try to think change, but that will create a disconnect because – when we start to feel we give our body a visceral response, that it actually believes it’s happening and it’s real in this moment. And so one of the ways that I like giving my body of visceral response is by going into my breath, going into a mindfulness practice where I’m start to visualise the ideal situation. So for this instance, it might be the classes sold out; the venues and the classes are in the ease and grace at all; the perfect person who shows up enthusiastic with passion and skills to market these events. It might look like you writing and reading and presenting… but in your joy and having vitality every day. And so you’re going through this visualisation and in the same time that you’re visualising it, you are breathing and also tuning into what the physiological responses that are taking place in your body. In that moment you want to be aware of them, and then, that’s when you start to give your body hints: “oh my god holy shit this is real! Like this is happening! It’s amazing; it’s magic!” And then the next step to that is writing it down. And you want to stay in that state so it’s kind of like a semi hypnotic kind of state. You want to stay in that state and to write it down to take something from a visionary and writing it down, also transfers energy. So it’s a different energetic. So while you’re breathing, while you’re aware of what your body is feeling physiologically, you start writing down this vision very slowly again, like you’re meditating but you’re writing it like you’re writing a novel. So if someone were to read that, even you, if you were to go back and read that every day, you get that same feeling response that you have just been taken into the story that is absolutely real and happening now. So you are actually creating what you want. And that’s how you’re planting the seeds to actually come into your fruition into your life.”

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