Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

Nothing that happens to me can be bad.
But you chose to hurt me.
Now I got hurt. It shouldn’t have happened.
The pain you gave to me shouldn’t have happened, cause you shouldn’t have done that to me.

Here’s where it becomes complicated: nothing that ever happens to me can be bad because everything happens for a reason. But what if you choose to hurt me?

I am a victim because of you!

Am I?

Well, it turns out, no human being can victimise you because of freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice means literally that you are free to choose.

People tried to hurt you, but did they succeed?
They only succeeded in making bad choices.

But now you have a choice.

You can either act like a victim, expecting the other people to apologise to you, to bolster your feelings and your self-esteem;
Or, you can choose to respond to the other person’s freedom of choice with FREEDOM.

You can choose to be their teacher, not their victim.
You can choose to be their role model.

What happened to me is not a direct result of what you chose to do to me;
You are not God, so get off your high horse;
You’re just a guy who makes bad choices.
Only God decides the outcome of your choice.

And because I have freedom of choice, I am free to choose.

And so, I chose to be like God.



Rabbi Manis Friedman (original video: How to Handle People Who Hurt You)

Photo by Jayant Kulkarni

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