A. How to list my workshops?

Follow the link: Log In -> My Account -> My workshops (under the tab “for workshop organisers”).


If this is the first time you come to list your upcoming workshops, you need to provide your Paypal account so that the relevant payments can be made to you later on. To do so, you need to click on “payment option” right beneath My Workshops, it will then lead you to a new page where you can enter your Paypal email address.

If you do not register your payment option properly, or if you forget to do so,  you will not be able to issue tickets and to receive payments for your workshops.

Remember to click on the “save” button before you return to the workshop submission page. To return, click on “My Workshops”, then “Add New”.

If you are not a first-time user, you will not be asked to provide this information again. However, if you need to change information about your payment option, you can do so by following: Log In -> My Account -> For Workshop Organiser -> My Workshops.

Our sites are secured with EV SSL which ensures that all your payment information is on a secure encrypted basis.


Adding Workshop Title:

Make your title interesting. Not too short and not too long.



Briefly tell us who you are and what your workshop is about. You can also add your mini FAQ session. Example questions such as:

  • What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
  • Is there disabled access?
  • What do I need to bring to the event?
  • What skill level is this workshop?
  • What about lunch and refreshments?
  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?
  • What if I have food allergies?


Workshop Categories:

Click on the arrow button on the right to unfold the lists of categories. We have two categories at the moment: level of experiences and type of workshops.


Workshop Image:

Submit a picture that can best represent your workshop. The picture needs to be horizontally posed and of high resolution, and with the main subject right in the middle. If you don’t have such a photo, contact us and we will arrange a photo shooting for you.


Workshop Time & Date:

Because our system is calendar-based, timezone must be included or the calendar will not work properly. If you have a recurring workshop, please select dates from the start to the end, and specify the relevant rules (e.g. frequency etc).


Venue Details:

Please include as much info as possible.


Organizer Details:

Please remember that the information you provide here is public. If you do not wish to publish your personal details, simply leave it blank.


Workshop Website:

Here you can add your own website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, or Pinterest personal, business or event page. Anything related to your workshop is welcome.



Let us know how much the workshop will cost per ticket. Click “Add new ticket” to provide the detailed information on your tickets. Choose “WooCommerce” in order to specify the price of your workshop per ticket, stock (i.e. maximum number of seats), start date for selling the tickets etc. You will also need to give your tickets a name, or they won’t be recorded properly.

Do not forget to click “Save the ticket” button as well as “Submit workshop” button at the end!






B. How to list my products?

Follow the link: Log In -> My Account -> Vendor Dashboard (under the tab “for workshop organisers”.

*Note: you need to be a registered vendor in order to list your products.

Once you are a registered vendor, you will be asked to set up your shop first. You can change your shop settings anytime under My Account -> Shop Settings

Then go to Vendor Dashboard, click “Add new product”:

You will be led to an editing page where you can provide the relevant information of your product, such as description, price, inventory etc.

Do not forget to upload photos for your product:

  • You can upload ONE “product image” which will be set as the main image of your listed product;
  • But you can add supplementary photos in “product gallery”.

Once it’s all done, click “Submit for Review”. You will be notified by email once your product is approved and listed.

You can check the latest sales situation and / or edit your listed products anytime under “Vendor Dashboard”.