Spiritual Laws of Investing

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Spiritual Laws of Investing

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How is spirituality related to investing?

At first glance, it seems that one has absolutely nothing to do with another. After all, investing is all about making money. It is a number game that requires no endeavour to make any connection with the divine! However, it is precisely this dichotomy that makes the world of investments a fascinating laboratory for all things spiritual.

Why? Because there is no place other than the stock market that best resembles the unpredictability of our real life! Indeed, just like living a good life, the ability to invest wisely is more art than science. In this class, we will explore 10 spiritual principles that enable us to combine financial discernment and spiritual insights, so that we are guided to make not only the right investment decisions, but the right decisions in life as well.

The class shall add value to you if you

  • are interested in investing, in particular, value investing;
  • adhere to an investment strategy driven by the fundamentals, rather than short-term trading or speculating;
  • are seeking ways to navigate the ups and downs, in stock market as well as in life.


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April 14 2019


Date: April 14
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