Sacred Geometry

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Sacred Geometry

About the Class:

In this applied afternoon class your energy will be attuned to the 3 sacred shapes of creation, allowing you to be able to work with them in your daily life. They’re the building blocks of creation, represented in all spiritual traditions. From the Egyptians to the Mayans, from Africa to Asia – all tribal and other traditions use the same sacred geometries and that’s not just a coincidence!

This class is a wonderful support if you work with people, or if you’re sensitive to certain energies or vibes. Once you know the techniques, you’ll be able to shift negative energy into positive energy and this can be used in any place or situation from workshop, to hotel room, meeting rooms and more! You’ll have the ability to create a container of light for the group you’re holding, or the work that you’re doing.

The class will begin with a short introduction, discussing the theory and importance of sacred geometry. We’ll then move on to cover the 3 sacred shapes, from which all other sacred geometry is created. Special meditations and an attunement will then take place and finally you’ll learn how to bring the geometries into your energy field, to lift your mood and alter your vibration.

In the second part of the class you’ll learn an ancient method which allows you to use the sacred geometries to activate rooms, allowing you to create a sacred container of light energy. This will amplify any other practice you have – so if you do healing, counselling, coaching, meditation, yoga or anything else that involves working with people, combining sacred geometries helps them to feel centered, accelerating their journey of healing.

Through studying the divine geometric patterns, you’ll understand yourself on a deeper level, connecting you with universal wisdom as a whole.

The sacred tools that you’ll receive stem from the ancient solomonic lineage and allow you to;

Increase your vibration and connection to spirit

Strengthen your energy field

Clear spaces energetically (such as offices, hotel rooms, meditation spaces)

Create a temple of space (for meditation, groups or just because you enjoy the energy)

Prerequisite: Life Activation (Private Session) – Enquiry at


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