Can there be love without money?

Can there be love without money?

Q: Can there be love without money?

A: Love and money have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Love, or unconditional love, is not dependent on anything. It is always there no matter what circumstance is offering to us.


Full Transcription:

Can there be love with no money?

This can be a rather big topic and today, I’m here to share with you that the answer is quite simple: love and money truly have nothing to do with one another.

Now our shared values are a completely different topic. Love itself – what I’m speaking of here – is this form of unconditional love, not necessarily a romanticised style of love or what we see in the movies. But love is not dependent on a material possession, or certain financial state of being. It’s not dependent on someone else fulfilling our needs or giving us something or us giving something to someone else. However, often within relationship, what brings us together is this feeling of love and connection with another human being. And within that structure are the shared values, the purpose, the passions, and the desires that are similar to one another. However it’s important to remember again that love is not dependent on anything, and love is not the only component – or I should say – the the glue that holds relationships together. There is an essential component of having such shared values, purpose, passions, and desires for any co-creative relating experience to thrive. However, love and money have absolutely nothing to do with one another. So absolutely, love is always existing no matter what the circumstance of the moment is offering.



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