Isabella Strambio

My husband and I travelled around the world, for work, for 10 years, until we had kids. All of a sudden, our lifestyle changed and we were not able to jump on plane so easily. My career progression also got on a stand still as I was no longer committed to long working hours. I […]

Miguel Galue Piqueras

Leaving my country at the age of 19 was nothing short of a rebirth. Things in Caracas back then were not moving, and there was no future in sight… My school was on a nine-month-long strike. I used to wake up every morning, not knowing where things were going…and by “things” I mean both in […]

Lilia Iontcheva

I never know anything else other than music. I got accepted into Sofia Music School to play the violin when I was six, but I hated it. So I stopped and switched to classical percussion. I obtained my pedagogy degree from Sofia University Klimenr Ohridsky. I used to play for one of the biggest TV […]

Amanda Overs

I didn’t know that I was creative. Actually, I always feel that I am the least creative person in my family. I studied business and marketing, and I was working full time in a real estate agency. But it was so not me. As I always love shoes, I did a short course in shoemaking […]

Introduction to Sushi Making

Keiko Yamamoto

I was always searching. I wanted to know who I am, why I was born, what I am here for. I was once an English teacher, but my heart told me that this was not the thing for me. When I was a kid, I drew everyday, on the street, at home, inside my mom’s […]

Diana Horsford

I love food! When I was younger I used to go out every night for dinner and I collected menu cards from every restaurant so I could read them for inspiration. I listen to lots of audio about nutrition, I read cookbooks, rather than novels, and I can taste the food while reading the recipe. I love […]

Badr Berrada

I am a bookworm, passionate about reading and writing. When I was little, I visited my grandfather’s room. It was filled with books. I asked him: Do you read all these? He said yes, and gave me a book on history and imperialism. It was a bit intimidating at the beginning, but once I started […]

Mark Lovelace

I came to art quite late, after having worked in a very different field – statistics. One thing that I found particularly difficult was that my thought processes were not always helpful. At one stage I decided to avoid altogether any thinking not related to the process of making art and set up small rituals […]

African Drumming

Sue Goode & Papis

Sue: I always knew that I wanted to be a drummer as in playing African drums, but life got in the way…children, surviving etc. Nine years ago, I finally made up my mind. Like a New Year resolution, I said in front of a group of people: this is the year that I’m going to […]

Candice Lau

I was lucky as I did not make a conscious career turn. When I was working as a digital designer, I already spent lots of time making bags, and I really enjoyed it. Coming back from work, I would just get on the sewing machine, start making and creating products, and doing the same thing […]