Beyond Law Of Attraction

Beyond Law Of Attraction

One of the most popular (and misunderstood) concepts, derived from the quantum theory, is the concept of “law of attraction”.

Like attracts like. “As long as I think positively, I will attract only ‘good stuff’ into my life”.

Yet, three months down the line, things fall apart.

The business deal falls through; the partner runs away; even the body starts to flash “red light”.

Depressed, confused, distressed…? And that’s where all misunderstanding kicks in.

The truth is, it is not just how much “positive thinking” we exercise every day that matters;

What truly matters, is how we respond to the challenging situations; how well we “walk through the fire”.

If, instead of feeling ruined by it, we manage to see the positive side, the lessons to pick up, the opportunity to grow, we then shift to a different level of consciousness and in so doing, we will turn around the situation and attract more opportunities into our life.

Being on a spiritual path doesn’t mean that “bad” things are not going to happen anymore, but that we learn to shift and deal with them really quickly so that we can create the reality anew and move on to the next level.

In fact, we will always be “tested” before progressing to the next level.

And that is the Path of Progression – it is not an easy path, but it is THE path worth walking through.

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