Amanda Overs

I didn’t know that I was creative. Actually, I always feel that I am the least creative person in my family. I studied business and marketing, and I was working full time in a real estate agency. But it was so not me. As I always love shoes, I did a short course in shoemaking and I loved it. So I quit my job and went full time into studying footwear.

Because we did lots of things with the heavy machinery at school, once the course was finished, we couldn’t do anything anymore. So I started experimenting. I really didn’t know how much I would resonate with the actual craft, as I was not always good at it during the trial and error, but I believe that practice makes perfect. I spent a few years playing around, trying out new things, making stuff at home, half of which I just made up…and in the end, it all worked out really well! When I started my own company, I made the accessibility the core of my shoemaking business. I just love the idea that someone comes here to do the course and goes home sitting at their kitchen table making a pair of shoes. Why not!

My mom used to tell me that I should have ten different careers in my life. She always told me: just do what you love, and have fun with it. When we start doing something, everyone is creative, and everyone is different. I really believe that there is enough space for everybody in this world to do something. If you have an idea but someone else is already doing it, so what, just do it anyway. Do it really well, and you will be fine.

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