About Us

WeClustr is an online community that inspires, empowers people, and enriches their lives.

Drawing inspirations from ancient wisdoms, we provide alternative educational classes and workshops that offer practical tools to deal with daily challenges in our modern life. We believe that the only way for a fundamental breakthrough in humanity is to continuously harness and shift our consciousness to a new, upper level. Only by activating our inner power, can we overcome our structural and emotional challenges, have the strength and ability to exert our free will, and to unlock our true potential.

Our mission is therefore to enable each one of us to find and to embrace our true calling, to live a life of lasting love, joy and fulfilment, and to have the courage and the wisdom to pursue what we are truly meant to be doing in this world.



We honour real human labor, and we celebrate individuality and personality. Because we believe that people are not interchangeable commodities; because each one of us is unique and shines differently.

We dream of a world where everyone’s dream can come true!