About Us

WeClustr is an online-to-offline conscious community that offers alternative education on personal development and spiritual intelligence. Collaborating with independent instructors and speakers, we teach people how to live, how to love. We are on a mission to accelerate the global consciousness evolution, and to revive humanity collectively. We believe that the only way to change the world is to change our own consciousness, and only by activating our inner power, can we overcome the negative force within and become a positive contributor to the world.

The only thing you can change in this world is yourself.


Our workshops and seminars are particularly suitable for those who:

* are on the path of self-discovery, self-actualisation, self-realisation;
* are highly-sensitive;
* know that there is a greater reality beyond the mere physical, material reality;
* are committed to their own spiritual growth and personal transformation;
* have a greater sense of mission, calling or life purpose;
* are looking for the keys to unlock the gateway to their own inner wisdom;
* have shifted or are shifting from a life of “ambition” to a life of “meaning”.



About the founder Huiwen Wu