My name is Tony. I am 68. I am getting old, and that’s the problem. I used to work on a fishing boat, in deep sea. That was my job. I worked in -40 degree. It was very cold, and you can’t wear gloves, because the line will slip. You worked with ice on the line. It was very hard work, very hard. I had done that for 25 years, and then, my uncle got cancer, so I moved in to look after him. When he died, the council told me to move out, because my name was not on … Read More

Leon Kammer

I sort of started my life in some very egotistic businesses, like fashion, PR, music etc. I call them “egotistic” because it always involved showing something or presenting something that was about me. I was very much into material things. I was into pursuing a hedonistic type of lifestyle, or a so-called “good life”. It was very much self-centred. It was all about my personal achievement. I did some personal growth workshops of some sort, but that was it. The word “spirituality” didn’t exist, because I didn’t know what that meant.

Most of these businesses came and went. I was … Read More

VII. Boundaries versus Borders


Do you find asking for what you want challenging? Do you fall into demanding things of people because you pushed your personal needs aside for so long. 


Compassion in communication is a key to creating win/win experiences in the most challenging of conversations. Boundaries are an act of love. They act as a doorway to knowing thyself and another to greater depths which provide a field of infinite possibilities. 


In this class learn the difference between boundaries and borders, how to make a request versus a demand and go through Tziporah’s “Soulful Relating 6 step Compassionate Communication” Read More

VI. Opening Up Your Emotional Body


Emotions and feeling are some of our most powerful allies yet often go undiscovered creating havoc in our life and relationships. For lifetimes we have been taught to avoid, that they are not safe, and they are best kept hidden. It is interesting that we are taught how important goals and achievements are yet that feelings are disregarded. To feel is a doorway to creating immense freedom and choice in our life.


Today we are going to learn how feelings are messengers. You will discover when you listen to them with love and presence they no longer have Read More

V. Breath Journey


Join Tziporah as she personally guides you through a This Integrative Breath Work experience. This process is designed to be a simple daily practice to guide you through your own self discovery process to create more connection, peace and pleasure in your life.


Practiced each day it will assist you to navigate through disconnect or stressors of life and guide you home again to you. Each practice will create a sense of renewal, and assist you to access emotional and mental clarity and create self- liberation in you life.Read More

IV. Breath and the Self


What would you say if I told you that your experience with the BREATH is one of the most intimate relationships you will  ever have? Why? Breath gives us life and without it we would die. It awakens greater presence and pleasure or has the ability to increase pain and constriction. It is connected to us and has the ability to increase profound states of presence when we develop a relationship with it. 


In this class learn how we each have a conditioned breath pattern which correlates with our relationship dysfunctions and habits that stop us from experience Read More

III. Setting Intentions


Intentions are a way of showing up in partnership with you and the world around you in a clearer direct way. While we are letting go of expectations, intentions give direction for our wants, desires and life force energy while not being attached to the outcome.


Tziporah provides simple direction to setting intentions and why intentions are a way to powerfully show up in partnership with life to create direction and clarity for what you want.  She will take you through a guided intention meditation experience to set your own personal direction for this course and your life. Read More

II. Your Relationship to Your Inner and Outer Environments


Intimacy begins with building a relationship with your inner and outer environments. This means you are showing up responsible, in partnership to the thoughts, words, material objects you feel you daily life with whether at work or at home. Developing this  degree of presence and attention in a building block to how much connection you experience daily in your life.


If we show up 100% in relationship with life we are pro-active to have a life more aligned to joy, pleasure, connection and empowered choices.


In this section Tziporah will introduce the concept of building a relationship Read More

I. Introduction


During this course we will explore a Mind/Body approach to cultivate thriving connections and everyday intimacy. 


Due to a lifetime of conditioning we are struggling for survival, fighting for what we want, arguing to be heard or to prove a point, communicating in ways that only creates more disconnection and misunderstanding.


When all most of us want is to feel love and connection. You may see this course as a blueprint for knowing yourself and the ones you love more deeply. Experience real tangible ways to awaken the body, while learning new EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills to Read More

Intimacy, Breath and Connection with the Self

In this class we will explore a Mind/Body approach to cultivate thriving connections and everyday intimacy. 

Due to a lifetime of conditioning we are struggling for survival, fighting for what we want, arguing to be heard or to prove a point, communicating in ways that only creates more disconnection and misunderstanding.

When all most of us want is to feel love and connection. You may see this course as a blueprint for knowing yourself and the ones you love more deeply. Experience real tangible ways to awaken the body, while learning new EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills to enhance your life Read More

Sue Goodies

I always knew that I wanted to be a drummer as in playing African drums, but life got in the way…children, surviving etc. Nine years ago, I finally made up my mind. Like a New Year resolution, I said in front of a group of people: this is the year that I’m going to learn how to play the drums. I found a place somewhere in Camden where they did the teaching. I tried and I loved it! It was inviting and was lots of fun. I went there for about six weeks but unfortunately they lost funding, so they … Read More

V. Empowerment By Taking Responsibilities


Empowerment starts when we start seeing how we have the power to shift things in our life that are not in alignment with our true purpose and blueprint. Often we can experience life as if we were a victim of circumstances in the present or past experiences. By learning to take back our power we can create a new reality for ourselves. The mystery school tools of rituals are very powerful to assist us in that. Tanmaya will share more about how they support us in this section.



Empower Thyself Class and Initiation – Send enquiry Here.Read More

IV. Moving Beyond Fight or Flight


In this section Tanmaya will share more about what drives our fight and flight reactions, and also share tools that allow us to go beyond that including a brief exercise to support us in coming back in the moment to a state which allows a more balanced response.



Guided meditations:

Resolving A Conflict


To The Rescue

Read More

III. The Gateway To Deeper Knowing: Our Physical And Spiritual Senses


“KNOW THYSELF” is at the core of all mystery school teachings. In order to know we need to apply or experience. This is what leads to understanding and ultimately to wisdom. So there is no understanding without senses as when we learn to open and use our senses properly we can understand the fabric of which reality is made of and start to impact it. In this session Tanmaya will explain the importance of sharpening our senses and how that is done in the ancient mystery school traditions.



Rudolf Steiner – How to Know Higher Worlds – .… Read More

II. Meditation And Breathing


Our mind is directly plugged into what as metaphysicians we often call “the Matrix”, or you could also call it the collective co-creation of humanity. In order to unplug ourselves and to start contributing a different reality rather than merely acting based on existing trends and influences we need to establish our foundation outside of that. Meditation is key as it allows us to let go of mental debris and reconnect to the vastness of spirit, from there we can learn how to redefine the boundaries of what we create both internally as well as externally. In this class … Read More

I. Why Our Own Inner Climate Is Relevant For World Peace And How To Change It


Often we feel that our inner climate is a result of our environment or our past. In this section we will discuss this from a metaphysical perspective. Tanmaya will answer questions such as: what is the energy of emotions? Where do they sit energetically? How can we transform them? And she will share how we peace in inner and outer universe through ancient metaphysical lineage tools including ancient activations performed by the ancient Egyptians and the Initiations of the Mystery Schools.



The Way of Initiation – Rudolf Steiner –

The Act of Will – Roberto Asssagioli

Initiations … Read More

Ancient Spiritual Tools For Human Progression

In this class Tanmaya will share more about the tools that initiates have used for thousand of years to transform energy for their benefit as well as that of their environment. Everything is vibration or energy and when we learn to master our own vibration we can become masters of our inner and external universe (or the micro and macrocosm).

The class package also includes 2 PDF downloads and 3 guided meditations.


Read More

Tom Woodfin

I wouldn’t know how to explain it, particularly now. I know my parents care about me; they always care about me very much. But I couldn’t tell where this discontentment came from. From the very early age on, I was taught to be very rigid, to be contained in the boxes so that I’d be accepted and loved. But there was always so much wild energy moving through me. It was very difficult for me to conform. I’ve never felt I fit in, not at all. The word “I” was always externally located, alienated by identities that are constructed upon … Read More

Meredith Whitely

The idea behind Food At Heart had been bubbling up for a while. I’d always enjoyed my previous work. This included a few different industries:  music, market research, the public sector and then e-commerce. Things were going quite well, but it just wasn’t giving me the fulfilment I was looking for.

Then, I started to have really bad problems with my digestion. It was really difficult because I really love food! I’ve always cooked from scratch and eaten really well, but for a long time my stomach was upset by anything I ate, even very simple food. I knew it … Read More

Luyi Brown

I was working full time, as most people do. But I knew I needed to do something outside of work. I started with guitar, but realised that it wasn’t really for me. I remembered when I was about eight or nine, I had a taster ceramic class at my local community centre, and I really enjoyed it. So I thought maybe I should try it again. If I don’t like it, I can move onto something else. I tried, and I loved it! From the moment I got into the classroom, having my hands on the clay, I just immediately … Read More

Isabella Strambio

My husband and I travelled around the world, for work, for 10 years, until we had kids. All of a sudden, our lifestyle changed and we were not able to jump on plane so easily. My career progression also reached a plateau as I was no longer committed to long working hours. I suddenly found myself doing a lot for the family but hardly anything for myself. I realised that I had to change something, and that I needed to have an outlet where I could express myself totally. That’s how the idea of “12 crafts in 12 months” started. … Read More

Catia Squarcia

I grew up in a small village in the mountains and always felt it was too small for me. However, I remain extremely attached to my roots and can never really define my identity without them. I have always searched for more, more knowledge, more answers, more myself, more solutions to my existential interrogatives and more human connection. That’s probably why I choose to study Philosophy and achieved my bachelor degree in it, and then my master degree in Philosophy, Sustainability and Environmental Studies. I used to love spending time in the garden with my grandparents, watching chickens and the … Read More

Laura Zabo

I’m absolutely hyperactive. I hate routines. When I was working for someone, I had to repeat the same thing again and again, and I just couldn’t do it. So I started a few businesses. Some were successful; some were not. My life has been hectic, between routines and my small ventures. I was looking for something, something that can keep me awake and excited every morning.

After having spent a few years in Italy, France, and Hungary, I moved to London. I started to experience the British weather, which was quite tough for me. So I decided to leave again. … Read More

Miguel Galue Piqueras

Leaving my country at the age of 19 was nothing but a rebirth. Things in Caracas back then were not moving, and there was no future in sight… My school was on a nine-month-long strike. I used to wake up every morning, not knowing where things were going…and by “things” I mean both in my personal situation and in my country. There was something really heavy in the air in those days. You could sense that a storm was coming. In addition, Venezuelan society is very traditional and I was experiencing some friction with that as well. The “accepted” career … Read More

Candice Lau

I was lucky as I did not make a conscious career turn. When I was working as a digital designer, I already spent lots of time making bags, and I really enjoyed it. Coming back from work, I would just get on the sewing machine, start making and creating products, and doing the same thing over the weekends. I remember going into the job interviews, instead of talking about the jobs, I would just talk about my bags. At that point, it became clear that that’s what I really wanted to do. Meanwhile, having just moved from London to Amsterdam, … Read More

Kasia Mikolajczyk

I don’t really know where to begin. There have been several events that really determined my journey…

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been wanting to be a peace-maker. I always felt quite uncomfortable when seeing people in violence. I didn’t understand why.

When I was nine, I got interviewed by a Polish writer. She asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said I wanted to create peace in the world. Astonished, she asked, how are you going to do that! I just knew I could do it – one person at a time. 

Later on, … Read More

Amanda Overs

I didn’t know that I was creative. Actually, I always feel that I am the least creative person in my family. I studied business and marketing, and I was working full time in a real estate agency. But it was so not me. As I always love shoes, I did a short course in shoemaking and I loved it. So I quit my job and went full time into studying footwear.

Because we did lots of things with the heavy machinery at school, once the course was finished, we couldn’t do anything anymore. So I started experimenting. I really didn’t … Read More

Diana Horsford

I love food! When I was younger I used to go out every night for dinner and I collected menu cards from every restaurant so I could read them for inspiration. I listened to lots of audio about nutrition. Rather than novels, I read cookbooks, and I could taste the food by reading the recipe.

I love teaching because you are interacting with so many different people and you create a passion within them. It is really hard work but all worthwhile. If I am doing a class by myself, it can take me five hours to weigh up the … Read More

Tziporah Kingsbury

When I was growing up, I was very uncomfortable with the degree of sensitivity I had. No one had ever told me that it was ok to feel. Yet, I was also very sexually curious. So when you combine “not wanting to feel” with “feeling sexually curious”, you somehow end up in this tunnel where there seems no exit.

I met a man when I was 18. He was my first ever legitimate relationship. Although I was very sexually curious, I was still a virgin. When I met him, we were in each other’s world. But something was different in … Read More

Aaron Politi

All my life, basically, I was searching for something. 

When I was young, I liked to ask questions. Questions such as “why we are here”, “what we are here for”, “why there are certain things we should do and certain things we should not”. Growing up Jewish, I could only eat certain food, and I wanted to know why. But it was not easy to get answers in a place that was a little bit religious. So, whenever I asked those questions, I was told, “this is how it is”, or “because God wants it”. It didn’t seem right. Does God … Read More

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Tanmaya George

I always had a desire to bring something positive to the world, to contribute beyond myself. I had it from very early on. I was always looking for how to do it. I think it was a bit buried when I was a teenager. Then I studied engineering out of practicality. After finishing that, I started working in that industry, but it just felt like something was missing. So I changed jobs. Eventually, I realised that I had to do something completely different because I felt so empty. So I left my job.

I decided to go to rural India … Read More

Lilia Iontcheva

I never know anything else other than music. I got admitted to Sofia Music School to play the violin when I was six, but I hated it. So I stopped and switched to classical percussion. I obtained my pedagogy degree from Sofia University Klimenr Ohridsky. I used to play for one of the biggest TV shows in Bulgaria. Then I quit, because I wanted to travel and to do something different.

I moved to London in 2008. Being a percussionist, living in London is brilliant. I’ve met so many different musicians from all over the world and I’ve learned so … Read More

David Sanchez

My background is in chemistry. For many years, I had been working as a consultant, providing trainings on health and safety to companies and to their workers in Spain. Then I decided to move to Chicago. I didn’t have anything there, but I wanted to start a new life, to learn a new language, and to experience another culture.

I was lucky. Not long after I moved there, I stumbled into a university that happened to be looking for someone to teach a similar training program that I did in Spain for the Latino immigrant workers. I contacted the manager. … Read More

Giulliano Spitaletti

Everything starts with the urge to escape. Happiness is elsewhere.

Amongst all things family is the hardest to detach yourself from, both physically and ideologically. My father is a quite authoritarian figure. There was not much space between what you wanted to do and what you were expected to do. I started painting at a very young age, but followed my family’s path and became an architect. I then discovered that there was only the artistic side of architecture that appealed to me.

I used to paint landscape, but always got frustrated that I couldn’t create anything on my own. … Read More

Alena Mikhalkina

I first picked up a brush at an arts school in Moscow when I was 10 and in a few months I won some competition. 17 years passed until the day I felt I must paint again. In the meantime I started working in the arts and moved from Russia to the UK to do my Masters. London filled my lungs with the air of opportunity, I felt elevated with the variety of cultures, its mind-blowing arts scene and possibilities. For over three years I organised cultural exchange projects, worked with leading writers, artists and amazing professionals. I was doing … Read More

Elena Angel

When I was young, I was not terribly joyful. I was always perplexed by my existence, and I had a strong spiritual longing ever since I could remember. I was very sensitive. Quite early on, I could feel energy in my body. I didn’t know what it was, but it was very alive. Later, I realised that it was sexual energy, which, I also realised, was not OK to talk about. Mine was a fairly conventional family and an Orthodox upbringing. I was trying to look for role models among religious figures: Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, various Saints… but I … Read More

John Merriman

10 years ago, we opened the door of our music studio to our first client. My wife and I used to live upstairs and there was no facility for toilet or kitchen down here. People had to come up to use the facilities. At the time, we just had our first boy. Our client was a Jamaican Rastafarian Band. There were lots of them and they were big guys. One of them came in and said to my wife: I need a knife, the sharpest one that you’ve got. She was terrified. And then he continued: I want to cut…my … Read More

Anna Tveritinova

I was working in banking at the time. It was very stressful. I remember when I was studying in the university, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. But I was under pressure. There were lots of career fairs, services, deadlines, but hardly anything on unconventional paths. Everyone was heading towards banking or consultancy. Because it was so competitive, you felt like you should also be part of it. Later on, I spent nearly two years exploring different career options, jobs in non-financial sectors, online retail, entrepreneurship…but everything I pursued just faded away. The only thing left was … Read More

Keiko Yamamoto

I was always searching. I wanted to know who I am, why I was born, what I am here for.

I was once an English teacher, but my heart told me that this was not the thing for me.

When I was a kid, I drew everyday, on the street, at home, inside my mom’s closet drawers…wherever I could find a space. At the age of seven, I did one drawing of everyone putting their faces into the watermelon in the summer, and I got the prize.

I realised that I had to go back to the field of creativity.… Read More