Meredith Whitely

The idea behind Food At Heart had been bubbling up for a while. I’d always enjoyed my previous work. This included a few different industries:  music, market research, the public sector and then e-commerce. Things were going quite well, but it just wasn’t giving me the fulfilment I was looking for.

Then, I started to have really bad problems with my digestion. It was really difficult because I really love food! I’ve always cooked from scratch and eaten really well, but for a long time my stomach was upset by anything I ate, even very simple food. I knew it … Read More

Luyi Brown

I was working full time, as most people do. But I knew I needed to do something outside of work. I started with guitar, but realised that it wasn’t really for me. I remembered when I was about eight or nine, I had a taster ceramic class at my local community centre, and I really enjoyed it. So I thought maybe I should try it again. If I don’t like it, I can move onto something else. I tried, and I loved it! From the moment I got into the classroom, having my hands on the clay, I just immediately … Read More

Isabella Strambio

My husband and I travelled around the world, for work, for 10 years, until we had kids. All of a sudden, our lifestyle changed and we were not able to jump on plane so easily. My career progression also reached a plateau as I was no longer committed to long working hours. I suddenly found myself doing a lot for the family but hardly anything for myself. I realised that I had to change something, and that I needed to have an outlet where I could express myself totally. That’s how the idea of “12 crafts in 12 months” started. … Read More

Catia Squarcia

I grew up in a small village in the mountains and always felt it was too small for me. However, I remain extremely attached to my roots and can never really define my identity without them. I have always searched for more, more knowledge, more answers, more myself, more solutions to my existential interrogatives and more human connection. That’s probably why I choose to study Philosophy and achieved my bachelor degree in it, and then my master degree in Philosophy, Sustainability and Environmental Studies. I used to love spending time in the garden with my grandparents, watching chickens and the … Read More

Laura Zabo

I’m absolutely hyperactive. I hate routines. When I was working for someone, I had to repeat the same thing again and again, and I just couldn’t do it. So I started a few businesses. Some were successful; some were not. My life has been hectic, between routines and my small ventures. I was looking for something, something that can keep me awake and excited every morning.

After having spent a few years in Italy, France, and Hungary, I moved to London. I started to experience the British weather, which was quite tough for me. So I decided to leave again. … Read More