Waterfall of the Soul

Lera Mimizu

Waterfall of the Soul

On the last Full Moon Tea Ceremony every woman received so many teaching from the Tea. Not in the usual way through insights while taking her in. But messages through the space and other women. There were lessons on judgement and patience, acceptance and love.

My personal lesson was through the way I poured water into the teapot. It’s always quite dark in the space lit by candles only, but usually I manage to pour just the right amount of water through listening to the sound of it. This time, however, I would stop too early, and then pour more, stop again – too early, pour more. And then over pouring water to the extent that it would just flow out massively onto the floor.

It showed me that in my love relationships I am like that water in a teapot. I am not sure when to stop, when to pour more of myself into it, when the time is to retreat, and when to push a little harder. There is a fine balance in this. A little bit too much and it’s too much. Too little, and it might be not enough. A subtle dance of sensitivity that I am yet to learn.

The Tea was so special, and so medicinal. It was “Waterfall of the Soul” Sheng Puerh, given to me as a present by Steve Kokker from @chadoteepood. It was a very small portion and I kept it for a special occasion. But when I was choosing the Tea for the ceremony that day, this tea kept calling me from the shelf and I was just drawn to serve Her. So glad I did….

Photo is by @gonza0__0

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