True Transformation


True Transformation

It is very difficult to do what we already knew is the right thing to do.

You can change things around you, but it is very difficult to change yourself.

You can change yourself, but this is not true transformation.

True transformation is very hard work.

If you want to check your spirit, if you want to check how much you are connected to the Divine, there are two signs:

Love – meaning that whatever you do comes from a place of love; and

Depth – because if you are shallow, you can’t find that love.

If you feel that it is very difficult for you to transform, that is because you didn’t go deeper enough.

If a person comes from a place of love and depth, even he says something offensive, there is something there. Because he knows this is the right thing to say.

But if the person judges, does small talks, gives someone a bad reputation, even his statement contains some truth, it is bad, because his intention is non-constructive. It is void of love.

In any fighting techniques, we learn that whenever we get angry, hateful, we lose.

Do not let anyone take that love away from your heart.

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