The Power of the Flower

The Power of the Flower

Ah yes, poppies,

Beautiful poppies.

Soothing to the senses and pleasing to the eyes.

An inspiration to lots of artists who have tasted the opium within them that lies.

A pain killer to the injured on the battlefields of life.

Oh dear poppies how you caress away temporarily the troubles of physical and psychological stress and strife.

But we stay too long in your hugs and sweet kiss.

That journey of terrible nightmares and addictions slavery replaces our bliss.

Ah yes, poppies,

Wonderful poppies, so very pleasing to our eyes and pleasurable to our feel good senses.

That delightful promise of opening secret doorways but also the warning of being trapped inside prisons and fences.

The real Jekyll and Hyde flower power of both friend and foe.

That only the explorer of both sides of the poppies nature will ever know.


Words by Ged Austin (a.k.a. the urban poet)

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