Spiritual? Non spiritual?


Spiritual? Non spiritual?

For so many years during my spiritual search I divided everything into spiritual and non spiritual. India, ashrams, meditation halls and mantra lounges were seen as spiritual, while everything else was not. How it all changed now…

Now I can sense the Spirit everywhere I go, whether it’s a bar, a club, or streets of the City. And in everyone too. Sometimes I feel that those far from the spiritual search are more spiritual in their core than those so called spiritual.

One of the places that I love so much is The Ned. Whenever I am there, I feel so much presence. I just fall into this meditative state. Which is kind of unusual considering that it’s not a meditation mecca in any terms. Yet that’s how I feel there. Every visit is such a sensual and present experience filled with awareness! I love everything about this place – vibe, spaciousness, ambiance, music, members and people who work there.

One week ago I held a beautiful Tea Ceremony at The Ned for its members on their roof terrace, and it was such a beautiful deep experience. I fell in love with this amazing space even more.

Have you been there?

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