Sequoia Trees

Sequoia trees

Sequoia Trees

One of the ways to explain this is through sequoia trees in California. For those who don’t know, they look like this: they grow about 100 meters tall; their trunks are something between 60 or 70 feet wide; they live about 1000 years old – the oldest is roughly 3500 years old. They are massive massive trees. For comparison, that’s a human being. But, if you dig down underneath the tree, the roots aren’t very deep. At most, they’ll go maybe 20 feet below the ground and that’s it, which isn’t very much for a tree this big. Technically speaking, any kind of wind, any kind of storm, can knock them down easily. Yet, somehow, they manage to live for thousands and thousands of years. How did they do it? Within every group of redwoods, even though the roots aren’t very deep – actually half of them grow even out of the ground – all of the roots find each other and intertwine with each other. Even though every single one has very different patterns, different types of rings, they work together to support each other. So if a wind wants to knock one down, it has to knock the entire group down simultaneously, which is impossible. That’s how they survive. It is not just A way for them to survive; it is the ONLY way. This is what our job in this world is: it is about learning how I can support other people with different truths than mine, who are different, who behave differently, who speak differently, who look different, who believe in different things, and yet somehow, like crayons, we all learn to live in the same box.


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