Sense Of the Heart


Sense Of the Heart

It is quite obvious from my previous posts that I am a big fan of Adyashanti. I hear him with my whole being rather than just ears and his eloquently put words get straight to my core, shifting and changing me.

In his recent newsletter he talked about the SENSE OF THE HEART. That when we use and connect to all our senses simultaneously, when all of our senses come together and really start to work as a coherent whole, a new sense is created – sense of the heart. Awakening of the heart. And suddenly, life is experienced in a different way – it is experienced in a deeply intimate way. We not only hear the music, we feel it, see it. We dance with the cold winter air on our face and the sound of the rain outside. The separation between us and life becomes less.

I felt it is so relevant to what Tea Ceremony is about. In Tea Ceremony we use all our senses. We feel, touch, smell, taste, hear, see – all our senses are engaged simultaneously and work as a coherent whole. We move from thinking in the head to experiencing tea with our whole being. Our Sense of the Heart is awakened. Life becomes magic. Magic in the ordinary.

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