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Having encountered Kabbalah in 2001, Ari has witnessed countless improvements and fundamental transformations both in other people’s lives and in his own. Having dedicated decades to the studies of the wisdom of Kabbalah, including six years as a full-time teacher at the Kabbalah Centre London and Europe, Ari believes that all problems and crisis around the globe are rooted in our consciousness. An equally talented musician, Ari is aspired to accelerate the consciousness evolution through teaching and arts.


Private sessions offered by Ari:

  • 1-1 private coaching

Huiwen embarked on a spiritual journey following her personal struggles, a period of bewilderment with fruitless quests, and her epiphany that the only way to change is by starting changing oneself. A dedicated student at the Kabbalah Centre and of other mystical teachings, Huiwen is committed to her own spiritual growth through metaphysical studies and spiritual practices, as well as by living the mundane. It is her belief that true spirit (or wisdom) cannot be bought or taught, but lived.


Private sessions offered by Huiwen:

Lera is a tea expert and a professional, who in search for The Way of Tea travelled all over the world and studied with tea masters both in London and in China. She is a tea meditator and inspirator, as she calls herself. She guides historical and tasting tea tours, leads tea meditations and ceremonies, and writes about tea and its rich, deep side. On her tours you will get the whole experience, learning about all sides of tea!


Private sessions offered by Lera:

Tanmaya is passionate about sharing the gifts she received with others. She is highly intuitive and her objective is to empower people to do their own healing. Beyond her work as guide, ritual master (magus hermeticus), celtic shaman and healer in the ancient King Solomon lineage she is a certified body-oriented therapist and teacher by the Learning Love Institute Sedona, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and trained in Women Circle Leadership, Inner Child Work and Centred Leadership. Originally trained as an Engineer, MBA and former consultant with McKinsey & Company she still occasionally supports start-ups and other companies as a coach and as a faculty on Centered Leadership programmes.


Private sessions offered by Tanmaya:

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