On Moon


On Moon

For some time now I have been questioning the way, in which general forecasts for the Full or New Moon or eclipses are relevant to OUR PERSONAL LIFE. They are helpful to notice that it’s not only us who are bonkers, but actually everyone is kind of experiencing the same, and it gives a sense of relief. They are also helpful to be aware of the patterns that arise in this period.

More and more however I feel that wherever the moon is – new, full or in the middle, one thing always applies – to simply BE WITH WHATEVER IS ARISING. No matter whether there are eclipses or all planets are in perfect combination – simply noticing what is. Feeling it fully, totally. However, for a few of us, when something unpleasant arises internally or externally – like this Full Moon Eclipse feels at the moment – we resist it and try to find safety in the forecasts and other things that make us feel comfortable.

But the only way to find safety is to plunge fully into the feeling of being unsafe. The only way to feel light is to really swim deep in the waters of sticky darkness. It’s the resistance to what is experienced and felt that creates more pain. It’s the subconscious desire to change the current inner state to the more “positive” one that prolongs that state. To be able to do that requires awareness. And that’s where the moon forecasts can be helpful – if we know the general patterns the moon brings up, it’s easier for us to be aware of them arising…. or not. In us…. or in others.


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