On Law of Attraction


On Law of Attraction

In order to attract or to manifest anything, you have to be in alignment with your Source. You have to stay connected to the ocean. You can’t just sit around and wishing for stuff. Basically, all of us have within us, this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything that we want into our lives. But you will get what you are rather than what you want. You can go around and ask these divine beings, angels, whatever you want to call them, who are right here all the time, but you can’t ask them to help out. You have to become like what they are. When you become angelic, when you become a divine being yourself, when you are giving, when you are serving, when you are in that place, they will come to you. When you no longer have any judgement within you, towards any of God’s children, that means – no condemnation, no criticism, no judgement, towards anyone, even people like Osama bin Laden. Then you are love, you are divine.

You attract into your life what you are, not what you want; and you are capable of attracting all that the Source is capable of attracting. When enough of us do that, we will transform our planet.


Dr. Wayne Dyer

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