Moon, Winter, 2019


Moon, Winter, 2019

Bjork said these words in one of her interviews: “In life the more selfish you are the more generous you are even though it’s contradictory. If you try to please 5 people you might not please anyone. But if you please yourself first you might please 10 people.”

And I really think it’s so so true. She talked there about work. But I feel it’s about life in general. The more we follow our truth, the less we think about what will please others and just focus on our own path, the better it is for everyone. And yes, it might upset a few people, but simultaneously, more people will be happy too. So simple, yet so difficult for many.

This winter is so potent for powerful full and new moons with planets moving into positions that help us connect to ourselves on a very deep level. To connect to our boundaries. To connect to where we compromise our joy, or truth – unnecessarily – in the desire to be a good girl, to be liked, to be pleasing. This coming Full Moon is the potent time to see these patterns in ourselves. And have the courage to do differently.


(📷 by talented @jonskuhau)

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