Libra Moon

Lera Mimizu

Libra Moon

This particular Full Moon is in Libra and what it is about resonates with me so much. The realisations I have been going through, the insights I keep having, the lessons I am learning. All in the last week.

This Full Moon is about relationships. “It is only when we see the other for who they are, that we experience love. Love is appreciating someone for who they are. It is not about who we are. It is not about projecting ourselves into others.” @astro.butterfly

While in my relationships with friends and others this is how I usually am, in my relationships with men I am so far from it. I can be demanding, expecting, pressuring and unaccepting. And wanting them to love me the way I want, not the way they can. Lots is shifting though. Learning step by step the art of universal love is not easy and quite often painful and opens up a lot of wounds.

Sitting with tea together in a circle in silence under the Moon (it’s not going to be that full on Sunday but we will still feel its effect) helps us to connect to that space of allowing. Allowing us to be who we are, and allowing others to be who they are. The shift happens.

I hope to see you on Sunday.

Photo is by amazing @love.errs

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