Having Guts To Do Nothing

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Having Guts To Do Nothing

Quite often we praise those who have guts to take action, to take a leap, to go out there and create, show themselves, act regardless of their fears.

And this is definitely true. I personally draw a lot of inspiration from those who do that.

However, I feel that it also takes a lot of courage to actually go internally and do nothing too. Especially in the world of social media, where, whenever we go to Instagram, we see how much everyone is doing, how many things they are creating, how many places they go to.

It takes courage to follow our intuition and when we feel like being quiet and still and be internal, to follow that voice, that call. Not really knowing how long this will last. May be a couple of days, or may be – a few months, or a few years. Trusting the process and not forcing ourselves to be productive and creative just because there is a push to be in line with those “others”, or out of fear to be seen as lazy.

We need to have guts to do that too.

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