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Sitting with my morning tea before starting to pack for Ibiza today.

Reflecting on my inner state – recently I have been feeling very happy. For no reason. Just happy. With gratitude and love just flowing over me in waves.

Some time ago my Vortex teacher pointed out the difference to me between Gratitude and Thankfulness. Gratitude is something that flows from your heart, spontaneously. While thankfulness is something that flows from the mind. When for example we compare and through comparison we find what we can be grateful for.

Well, at the moment gratitude just flows from my heart in all directions. For the Tea. For @globalteahut community. For my amazing son – who is a ray of sunshine – how could I not see that before? For my friends who help me so much with looking after him and supporting me in general. For my soft bed – it feels so good in my whole body to fall into it every night. For the tree outside my balcony, which welcomes me every morning. The list is endless. These simple things that give me so much joy. So many of them.

Do you notice them in your life?

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