Forgotten Tomato

Lera Mimizu

Forgotten Tomato

I found this forgotten by everybody tomato on one of the shelves recently. My mum eats them, I don’t. So when she left one month ago this tomato got kind of lost in between the bags and other vegetables. And after one month of hibernating alone it sprouted from within.

Our life and inner growth is a little bit like this tomato. When inner shifts take place and stuff gets processed, when the awakening to our true nature happens, quite often we need alone time, sleep a lot, go inward, listen and feel within. Sometimes we need a lot of this hibernation time and it’s important to honour it.

Mooji last night talked about “marinating” time, referring to awakening. I have a sense that it applies to all inner shifts. Each time a new later is peeled away, we need this “marinating” time. If we listen to that need and not feel guilty that there are so many important things to do and or so many great things to go to and actually go within and stay with what’s needed in that moment – sprouting happens much easier with our own inner resources, our own inner power and wisdom 🍅🌱🌺

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