Daily Ritual

Lera Mimizu

Daily Ritual

I have many people who come to the tea ceremonies and tea tours and they all drink tea in a very different way – some ceremonially for one hour every morning (like I do), some drink PG tips from the mug with the Mickey Mouse for 5 minutes before they rush to work. But everyone, all of them say the same thing. That tea is the HIGHLIGHT OF THEIR DAY.

Why is that?

Because it’s probably the only time when they stop, really stop. Exhale. It’s probably the only me (or no-me) time they have. While they hold that bowl or a mug, there is a moment of peace and inner silence, when there is nothing to do, nothing to prove, nothing to think about, nothing to achieve, and nowhere to run. Tremendous relief and relaxation is experienced in that moment.

Just stopping. Having Tea. Connecting. And life suddenly is experienced on a very different level. Even one second of this can have a profound effect on the rest of our day. Or maybe life.

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