Becoming a professional life rider

Becoming a professional life rider

How does it sound to hop on your car, put in the keys, sit in the co-pilot seat and say let’s see where this car takes me? It wouldn’t come as a surprise that one day you ask yourself: oops, how did I end up here? Or you drive in circles year after year; or end up running over a kerb; or stranded in the middle of nowhere; or stuck in mud, right?

Some people use this same model for their lives, saying out loud: let’s see what life brings to us! Nothing wrong with that. But if you lack direction, don’t know where to go, and don’t hold the steering wheel of your life with both hands, you may end up like the abovementioned car. Oftentimes, the only vision you may hold is in regards your next holiday. But what about your vision for your grand adventure, that formidable journey that we call life? This requires some deep reflection and sense of direction.

Once you know and decide to give it a go, the autopilot mode is off. Now that you take the wheel, your eyes spark and your heart races fast. Waves of joyful anticipation and excitement make you feel alive. No more drifting away. Instead, you are in charge, taking responsibility for your life, choosing your own odyssey. You are on the driver seat, so you can go wherever you want, if you decide so. All set: full tank of love, and consciousness as your GPS. Doesn’t it feel amazing? The rear view mirror shows the old self you are leaving behind; in front of you the most magnificent view makes you feel enthralled. Hold your vision, step on the gas, and enjoy the meaningful life ride.


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