Tziporah Kingsbury

Can there be love without money?

Q: Can there be love without money? A: Love and money have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Love, or unconditional love, is not dependent on anything. It is always there no matter what circumstance is offering to us.   Full Transcription: Can there be love with no money? This can be a rather […]

Yes Please

Please read, share and let us remember…that just because we don’t talk about something, choose to hide from it or by fear choose to ban it which may challenge other’s from addressing the subject, the subject of focus does not disappear. By doing this we are creating more harm and eventually destructive behaviors. If you […]

How can I change my life?

Q: How can I change my life? A: Rather than thinking, we must FEEL, while visualising – the ideal scenario, persona, or a brand new reality that our hearts truly desire – in order to make effective and sustainable changes in our lives.   Full transcription: “All right so I’m gonna start by saying – […]


On Self-Sourcing

Where do your needs and desires overlap with those of your partner? Who else do you turn to to get your needs and desires met? When do we take responsibility for fulfilling our own needs and desires first? I have been there, in the moments of feeling uncentered, drained and grasping for whoever is closest […]

Tziporah Kingsbury

When I reflect back on my life I always remember being a highly sensitive person. During my youth never feeling like I fit in yet always felt such compassion for the world as a whole. I remember as a child having a curious thought to how “Man” could put an imaginary line on a piece […]