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Lera Mimizu


Sitting with my morning tea before starting to pack for Ibiza today. Reflecting on my inner state – recently I have been feeling very happy. For no reason. Just happy. With gratitude and love just flowing over me in waves. Some time ago my Vortex teacher pointed out the difference to me between Gratitude and […]

Lera Mimizu

Daily Ritual

I have many people who come to the tea ceremonies and tea tours and they all drink tea in a very different way – some ceremonially for one hour every morning (like I do), some drink PG tips from the mug with the Mickey Mouse for 5 minutes before they rush to work. But everyone, […]

Lera Mimizu

Waterfall of the Soul

On the last Full Moon Tea Ceremony every woman received so many teaching from the Tea. Not in the usual way through insights while taking her in. But messages through the space and other women. There were lessons on judgement and patience, acceptance and love. My personal lesson was through the way I poured water […]

Lera Mimizu

Libra Moon

This particular Full Moon is in Libra and what it is about resonates with me so much. The realisations I have been going through, the insights I keep having, the lessons I am learning. All in the last week. This Full Moon is about relationships. “It is only when we see the other for who […]

Sisters of the Wild Gathering

Last weekend I went again to the Sisters of the Wild Gathering @sistersofthewild in Wales. It was my fourth time and it was powerful – like it usually is. Each time is SO unique. Like a Tea Ceremony it works on so many layers, many of which are ineffable yet can be felt strongly. This […]

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I just turned 40. So far I have to say it’s the best age I have even had. I have no idea how 50 will feel but so far the further the better. And I am sure when I am 100 years old I will say the same thing somehow. What I feel is that […]

Moon Meditation

Pisces Moon

This moon is in Pisces – my sign – so I feel really close affinity to it. Cannot wait to sit with all the sisters in a circle and drink tea in silence. There are so many women gatherings are happening in london, each special in their own right. For me there is beauty and […]


Moon, Winter, 2019

Bjork said these words in one of her interviews: “In life the more selfish you are the more generous you are even though it’s contradictory. If you try to please 5 people you might not please anyone. But if you please yourself first you might please 10 people.” And I really think it’s so so […]

Lera Mimizu - mindfulness

On Mindfulness

Mindfulness is such a big word in the world of wellbeing these days. It is about paying attention to what is happening in each moment, but this is often so misunderstood. What I find is that a lot of it is done from our heads – almost like registering in our minds – I am […]


Spiritual? Non spiritual?

For so many years during my spiritual search I divided everything into spiritual and non spiritual. India, ashrams, meditation halls and mantra lounges were seen as spiritual, while everything else was not. How it all changed now… Now I can sense the Spirit everywhere I go, whether it’s a bar, a club, or streets of […]