8-Week Summer Program – Empowerment



Fora Borough – 180 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB

Class Schedule:

Every Friday evening starting from 31st May, 7pm-8:30pm, for 8 weeks (except for 21st June).

Class recording will be sent to the registered attendees after each class.


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Are you an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a startup founder? Are you working on your dream project but somehow feeling insecure, powerless, or experiencing self-doubt on a daily basis?

In order to change our physical reality, we need to first change our metaphysical reality. But what does that really mean? Our thoughts and emotions create our reality, but how do we shift them effectively?

If you have been on this path – meaning, you know (or feel) that there’s something bigger than this physical life, and you’ve been searching for answers, join us for this 8-week exploration on some of the metaphysical concepts and tools that can enable you to start making effective changes in your life today.


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